About us ...

At PMC we are committed to achieve success by leading our customers to success


Since 2011 our experts were involved in building and managing international organisations in SEE and CEE as well as in Turkey and countries.

Currently these organisations are able to win projects in different countries in Europe and beyond both in public and private sectors, deliver for important clients such as NATO and European Commission as well as able to enhance their capability to capitalise IPR through innovation and R&D grants such as Horizon2020 and other similar programs.








Build and manage an international organisation operating in 5 countries  (direct investment) and deliver in other 4 countries (indirect market entry)
  • 25+ Innovation and R&D projects won in 3 years
  • 10+ Mil Euro in research and innovation grants in 3 years
  • 50+ Innovation and R&D projects submissions per year
  • Grow from 0 to 14 Mil EURO/year in 2 years
  • Maintain positive EBITDA
  • From 2 to 50+ employees in 2 years (in 5 countries)


public sector

Setup multinational public sector sales and pre-sales organisations

Experience and proven results with:

  • Romanian public procurement
  • Serbian public procurement
  • Croatian public procurement
  • Turkish public procurement

Experience and proven result with international donors: (EC, NATO, World Bank, USAID, UN, OSCE)

private sector

  • Setup multinational sales and pre-sales organisation operating in 5 countries
  • Setup the partner sales channels and distribution network in other 4 countries
  • Hire and motivate a multicultural team reaching 50 employees in 5 countries
  • Organisational design for private companies in ICT field
  • CxO level consultancy services

innovation and research

Proven experience and results with:

  • FP6
  • FP7
  • H2020
  • AAL

Creating one of the best expert team for managing the full life cycle of European R&D grants

The Team

The most important asset we have is our team. We look for the best professionals with excellent track record and proven results while we always consider our values as the focal point of our activity.

Our team was consolidated during years of collaboration and we experienced together both achievements and difficult situations.

We operate with a core team of partners, an extended team of experts and a verified network of collaborators based not only in Romania but also in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, UAE and Belgium

The core team is responsible for managing and developing the main business lines.

The extended team of experts is responsible for the implementation of our projects and for achieving the expected results while our collaborators are joining the team whenever we operate outside Romania bringing in extensive local experience and market knowledge in order to ensure the best possible success rate in foreign countries.