People and their engagement and competencies represent the most important asset for many businesses ...

Human Capital Management

People and their engagement and competencies represent the most important asset for many businesses...

People and their engagement and competencies represent the most important asset for many businesses.

Having on board at all levels the right employees with the right competences and keeping them engaged and motivated even during difficult times is always the key to succeed and to deliver value to your customers.

Our experience in building multicultural organisations revealed that a critical factor in choosing the right people, beside technical skills, commitment and motivation is organisational fit.Combining these factors we will help you to spend less time with on-boarding process and will help you achieve desired business results.

For many organisations the process of defining clear and realistic objectives, cascading it form the top to the employee level and setting up the KPIs while maintaining flexibility and coherence of the whole performance management system is a very difficult process, generating more overheads than relevant results. Our approach in performance management is based on a balanced combination between relevant objectives and KPIs and the commitment of all employees towards the achievements.

The engagement of the employees together with the focus on keeping them motivated even during difficult times is a critical success factor and is not related only to compensation and benefits packages. Our approach in this area is focused to the increase the achievement of business objectives by having a balanced working environment, a healthy organisational culture and a good level of employees engagement.

In a continuously changing environment and considering all challenges which the businesses must face on the market, succession planning can become critical for any organisation. When we talk about having reliable staff to carry on your mission or to change the realities of workplace, having a successor for critical positions will help you to focus on business and achieving your objectives. We can help our clients to anticipate and address those challenges that can make or break an organisation.

Team certifications

  • Effective Coaching Skills for Managers (RO)
  • HR Business Partner (RO)
  • HOGAN Assessment System (RO)
  • California Psychological Inventory (RO)


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