Create value from your idea! We can assist you to find the best solution to apply for financing

Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Create value from your idea, we can assist you to find the best solution to apply for financing ...

Our professional services in this area addresses those organisations willing to attract European innovation and R&D grants in order to enhance the capabilities of their existing products or to create new products and capitalise IPR.

PMC can help you to create value from your idea. We can assist you in finding the right way to get financed in order to develop new products in-line with European trends, to plan and to put in practice a go-to-market strategy.

Based on the outstanding experience of our expert team, with more than 10 years of proven results, more than 25 projects won and more than 10 Mil EURO attracted in R&D grants, we are able to provide our clients with highly professional services covering:

  • collection and validation of ideas according to the rules set out in the application guide
  • facilitate the formation of an European consortia of companies, Universities and Research Institutes in order to maximise the success rate
  • write/validate and submit the project abstract, technical proposal and budget
  • assist and advise during the signature of the grant agreement
  • carry out project management activities including specific reporting during the implementation period
  • assist and advise during potential audits from European Commission


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