New Markets. International expansion, market entry, M&A, investments

New Markets

International expansion, market entry, M&A, investments

Our experience in international business development and new market entries is based on the references we have in this area:

  • Build and manage an international organisation operating in 5 countries  (direct investment) and deliver in other 4 countries (indirect market entry)
  • Grow from 0 to 14 Mil EURO/year in 2 years
  • From 2 to 50+ employees in 2 years (in 5 countries)

We operate with a core team of partners, an extended team of experts and a verified network of collaborators based not only in Romania but also in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, UAE and Belgium.

The core team is responsible for managing and developing the main business lines. The extended team of experts is responsible for the implementation of our projects and for achieving the expected results while our collaborators are joining the team whenever we operate outside Romania bringing in extensive local experience and market knowledge in order to ensure the best possible success rate in foreign countries.

The New Markets services are dedicated to those organisations having international expansion plans. Together with our business partners we offer the complete range of services allowing you to put in practice your growth strategy and to increase sales volumes in your home country or abroad. We are able to offer high quality management and consulting services for international expansion in the area of IT&C and related services, R&D, security, and public safety.

There are two ways we can provide our customers with these services:

  • Acting as a consultancy team and shadowing the main team until the moment when the new organisation is ready to operate in the market
  • Acting as main management team, setting-up the organisation, identify, hire and train the management team and hand-over the organisation to the management team

Team certifications

  • Executive MBA
  • Strategic Management
  • Security and Governance
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management, Information Security


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