Business2Government Asssistance - Presales, Sales and BID services

Business2Government Assistance

Business2Government Asssistance - Presales, Sales and BID services

Our professional services in this area addresses those organisations willing to access national and international public procurement opportunities. Our experience covers both national and international procurement procedures:
  • Romanian public procurement
  • SEE (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro)
  • Turkish public procurement
  • International donors
    • NATO
    • European Commission
    • World Bank
    • OSCE, UNDP
We assist our clients for the following activities:
  • identify and propose opportunities
  • facilitate the identification of potential partners, subcontractors, suppliers
  • facilitate formation of the consortium for submissions
  • identify and propose key experts and non-key experts
  • validate, submit the proposals and follow up clarification sessions
  • assist and advise during the signature of the public procurement contracts
  • carry out project management activities including specific reporting
  • assist and advise during potential audits from authorised bodies

Team certifications

  • World Bank procurement (UK)
  • EU IPA procurement (UK)
  • Romanian public procurement (RO)
  • Serbian public procurement (RS)
  • Croatian public procurement (HR)
  • Turkish public procurement (TR)
  • Project management for public projects (RO)



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