We combine the experience of our team with the power of our products in order to offer our customers the best possible option to grow their business and to become more efficient. At PMC we are aware that a good product without people to use it in the right way is just another liability. Our solutions turns these potential liabilities into valuable assets. Together with our business and technology partners we put the experience and the technology at work in the benefit of our customers. There is always a balance in our solutions. Some parts of the work is done by us, the other part is done by our customers. The trick is to know which part of the work to be performed by each stakeholder. That’s why we have the ability to  understand your objectives, advise you about how to make it more efficient, take over the collateral activities, assist you whenever you need.

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Optimise the implementation of EU-funded TA projects

All  management, communication and support platforms for implementation can be offered by the PMC as a  lease for the duration of the TA project. The use of specialised tools and platforms for managing the implementation of a TA project also creates financial advantages increasing the profit margin of the project.


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Get full control of the entire life cycle for European innovation and research grants

InnoCRM covers the whole process related to research and innovation projects funded by national or
European Commission grants.
Starting with the generation and validation of a project idea, through all the activities dedicated to submitting a proposal and offering dedicated modules for contracting, project management and reporting, InnoCRM allows control of the entire life cycle of an innovation and research project.


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