Business2Government full range solution: identify, submit, sign, deliver ...

Business2Government Solution

Business2Government Solution

Business2Government full range solution: identify, submit, sign, deliver ...

Solution description

Combining our Business2Government services with the psCRM dedicated product and with New Markets services, our Business2Government Solution can offer to our customers everything what is needed to enter new markets in the public sector.

Starting with the contract forecast, through all the activities dedicated to qualifying, submission, award and signing, offering dedicated modules for contracting, project management and reporting, PMC Business2Government Solution provides the full range of services for projects financed through public funds.

We operate with a core team of partners, an extended team of experts and a verified network of collaborators based not only in Romania but also in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, UAE and Belgium.

The core team and extended team of experts is responsible for the coordination of the whole process while our collaborators are joining the team whenever we operate outside Romania bringing in extensive local experience and market knowledge in order to ensure the best possible success rate in foreign countries.


  • access to PMC master data for new opportunities
  • get opportunities from the most important international public procurement portals directly into your system
  • access to PMC international network of partners
  • get local assistance and expertise during the implementation/delivery phase
  • create long term business using PMC new market services

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