Developing the abstract for your idea is one important step of the whole process. The abstract is the basis for attracting partners and generating interest. It is important to understand that the abstract is not a marketing or sales marterial but it is a very condensed description of what you want to achieve. Moreover, the abstract shall contain enough technical information in order to allow potential partners to understand if they have the capabilities to join you.


Our extensive experience with European grants can be used for at this point of the process. Our Innovation Management Services are designed and fit for this activity.

Our responsibility is to guide you through the process in order to increase the chances to find the best possible partners. Your responsibility is to stay involved and to contribute with quality content to the abstract. PMC will promote your idea and the abstract of your idea within a wide range of possible partners using by using dedicated communication methods and by participating to the most relevant events organised by the European Commission. 


innoCRM is the tool which PMC will provide you with in order to allow you to get in touch with potential partners. 

innoCRM benefits on the PMC Master Data features and is always updated with the most recent information about all partiipants tu EU grants and it is directly connected to the Participants Portal of the European Commission.

Using the pre-configured workflows of innoCRM you can be guided through the entire process of developing a good abstract while being always in touch with possible partners.