Complete solution for EU-funded TA projects

Technical Assistance Solution

Technical Assistance Solution

Complete solution for EU-funded TA projects

Solution description

When we refer to the proposal phase, PMC can be the ideal partner for participating in TA projects. The international experience, the network of experts in various fields, knowledge about competition, local connections in many of the beneficiary countries of IPA funding make PMC a serious partner in such projects. In addition (but also separate from the possibility of partnership) PMC can offer the full range of services and tools for bidding in TA projects. In this case, we are talking about personalised templates of technical proposals, complete drafting of technical proposals or some sections of technical proposals, methodologies for the project approach and management of TA projects (logical framework approach) and consultancy in the commercial area of ​​the proposal phase.

When we refer to the TA implementation phase, PMC can provide professional support for project management by assuming the responsibility of Project Director. Additionally, all management, communication and support platforms for implementation can be offered by the PMC as a lease for the duration of the project.


  • Excellent market knowledge
  • Full pre-sales services (partners, experts)
  • Technical proposal writing (templates, sections, logframe, backstopping, etc)
  • Expert budget and commercial negotiation
  • Dedicated CRM
  • Full IT support for implementation
  • Professional Project Director function and services
  • Significant cost optimisation and increase of profit margin

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