We combine the experience of our team with the power of our products in order to offer our customers the best possible option to grow their business and to become more efficient. At PMC we are aware that a good product without people to use it in the right way is just another liability. We turn these potential liabilities into valuable assets. Together with our business and technology partners we put the experience and the technology at work in the benefit of our customers. There is a direct and strong connection between our services and our products because we believe that behind each business solution it has to be a good product that can help you to put in practice that solution. And above all we believe in integration and automation as the grounds for efficient business. Last but not least we believe that each business shall be able to scale-up (sometimes maybe to scale-down due to unforeseen reasons such as different crisis situations) and the supporting products must follow the business evolution together with all related costs. That’s why we always prefer cloud based products and online services. When combining all of these with continuous delivery and continuous integration principles the result is a very flexible infrastructure that can always follow and support the business. What you can expect from us is disruptive, innovative and think out of the box approach with a strong accent on cost efficiency.

technical assistance platform

Over the years we participated to many technical assistance and capacity building projects financed by the European Commission in several countries from two continents (yes, the European Commission is financing projects outside Europe too). What we always needed was an integrated, online work environment and communication platform in order to accommodate the specifics of these projects, international experts not always present on site, difficulties to reach all stakeholders within a limited period of time, reporting to the representatives of the European Commission. Good news!!! Now we have it, because we developed and tested it in the last 2 years. And guess what? It is not a shared drive, it is not a document management repository, it is an online platform that accommodate both the public section (the project information portal) and the private section dedicated to the collaboration between the team members and stakeholders.

Delivery: AS-A-SERVICE, for the project duration, no licenses needed, no hardware needed

aspen, the next generation siem

We are focused on innovation, proactive thinking and a future-ready approach helping our clients to build the best foundation for moving from reacting to incidents towards applying analytics to proactively manage cyber threats. ASPEN (Advanced Security Processing ENgine) leverages Big Data technologies to deliver real-time threat intelligence, forensics and incident response capabilities. ASPEN is the only SIEM solution in the market that integrates digital traps, enabling security practitioners to collect valuable cyber intelligence. We combine ASPEN with its SOC (Security Operations Centre) services to a solution that addresses the widest spectrum of internal and external threats organisations face today. We bring in new approach since we believe that, before spending for securing the IT systems, any company must be aware of the threats. That’s why we offer CYBER AWARENESS, FREE OF CHARGE.

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Delivery: AS-A-SERVICE or lifetime licenses + Security Operation Centre services

business booster

If you are a business owner of a start-up, a scale-up or a mid-cap company or you simply have a good idea, then Business Booster is for you. We know that, regardless of the value of your idea or of your business, the distance between the thoughts and reality is some time too large … been there, done that!!! That’s why we offer to you Business Booster. Is affordable, is pay-as-you-go style and aims to close the gap. As some says, mind the gap first and be aware that is there. After that we can offer you the tools and related services to close it. Strategy and planning, business plans templates, software tools, integration and automation, process optimisation, all of these are part of Business Booster. You can use them at your own pace, add or remove them as you need during your business journey.

Delivery: AS-A-SERVICE + tailored business services