aspen siem

With cyber-attacks on the rise, companies are transforming their approach to security monitoring from reactive, towards intelligence-driven security. We can help you empower your security teams, and your business to perform better in the digital world with a Next-Generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and Security Operations Centre (SOC).

because WE BELIEVE that every battle is won BEFORE it is fought
we present to you
because WE BELIEVE that every battle is won BEFORE it is fought
we present to you

bird’s eye view

ASPEN (Advanced Security Processing ENgine) leverages Big Data technologies to deliver real-time threat intelligence, forensics and incident response capabilities. We combine ASPEN with its SOC (Security Operations Centres) services to a solution that addresses the widest spectrum of internal and external threats organizations face today.

security is in our DNA

Built by a team of security professionals with 20+ years of experience in cyber threat prevention, ASPEN is a leading next-gen SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution that brings features for security data collection, analysis and automated threat remediation.


ASPEN is the result of an outstanding experience at the highest level and around the world. The technical team behind ASPEN was forged in the first line of defending critical infrastructure and ensuring that major events can carry on without experiencing cyber security problems. They are the unseen soldiers that can also protect your business.

geography is not a problem

We operate global. ASPEN can be easily deployed anywhere and our security experts are taking care of your protection from several security operations centres around the world. Scalability is a key point of our business, we are ready to open new SOCs when we close a deal with an anchor client in one country or when the business volume in a country requires us to be closer to the clients. We are always looking for local/regional partners to join our forces in a local/regional SOC.

aspen can

  • store unlimited amount of data
  • anonymize/pseudonymize private data in real time
  • get any log from a day years ago in less than 10sec
  • detect real time connections with threat hosts
  • deceit attackers and block them automatically
  • detect attacks by events correlation
  • learn about your specific IoT/IT device unknown vulnerabilities
  • track visually any of your systems/users
  • process even 50,000 events per second on a single host

you may like these too

  • ASPEN creates digital clones as active traps
  • ASPEN performs both historical and real time (<5ms) correlation
  • ASPEN offer visual reconstruction (“forensics on a click”)
  • ASPEN do data anonymization and pseudonymization in real time
  • ASPEN performs real time correlation with Threat Intelligence data
  • ASPEN integrates with 80+ antiviruses
  • ASPEN performs automatic noise events elimination
  • ASPEN offer real time auto remediation

if you wonder what we achieved

  • software and SOC services for gov and banks in Central Asia
  • software and SOC services for gov in APAC region
  • software ans SOC services for 8 gov agencies and 2 private companies in Serbia


  • aviation (airports, air lines, air traffic control)
  • finance (banking and insurance)
  • energy, oil&gas
  • government bodies and agencies
  • regional/global corporations

what are we good at

  • system analysis
  • vulnerability assessment
  • penetration testing
  • implementation and go-live
  • monitoring
  • transfer of knowledge and training


know your enemy
google-like search
empower security teams
adapted to your business
keep the finger on the pulse

key features

auto remediation
threat intelligence
automated penetration testing
cyber security monitoring and surveillance

Book your free test drive with ASPEN!!! Also keep in mind that is more than a test drive, is cyber awareness for live. We will give you, free of charge, the possibility to find out in real time who, from where and in which way is attacking your systems. NO TRICK HERE, IS FREE FOR LIFE.