business mentor by pmc

bird’s eye view

Because your business is a journey and each journey is different, we put together our experience, our services and our products and built this complex solution for helping you during each phase of your business. The beauty of the solution is that you don’t have to buy it all. We can hook into your business and we can take it from there. And you can pay as you go. Also you can select only what you need, depending on the phase in which your business is and depending on what objectives you want to achieve. What you can be sure of is that you will not hire a software development team, you hire an experienced team of consultants that will also bring in the technology that will push your business ahead.

what you will get with and from us

  • you get knowledge and results, not another software
  • you get the technology behind you, to help you grow
  • you don't pay for the software, you pay for what you need ...
  • ... but you get a great web site, online services, excellent marketing and sales tools
  • no kidding, you get more than 85/100 google speed and 90+ for GTmetrix scores
  • you also get integration and automation
  • you get automatic social media lead collection
  • of course, you get all of the above secured by us

team certifications

  • Executive MBA (Austria, USA)
  • Strategic Management (USA)
  • Business Analysis (RO)
  • PMP, Project Management Institute (RO)
  • PRINCE2 (UK)
  • ISO9001, ISO27001 (RO)

what are we good at

  • strategy planning
  • market knowledge
  • business continuity and resilience
  • compliance management
  • improve efficiency
  • digital transformation
  • sales and marketing automation
  • integrate everything
  • secure and protect your environment
  • advise on compliance
  • evaluate and improve resilience
  • software services
  • cloud deployment and integration

because a picture says more than 1000 words … or, look what we can help you with!