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Although a Technical Assistance proposal is not a fashion magazine, it is a document that represents you and shall highlight your strengths in all aspects. Use pictures and diagrams as much as possible. Use a consistent colour schema (no more than 3 colours but always the same and in the same way). Alternate one-column text sections with two (max. three)-columns text sections in order to break the monotony. The key is to make the evaluators to read your offer. If you don’t have the experience, ask for advice, there are consultants on the market who can provide you with a lot of useful stuff including (but not limited to) templates and content.

[clickandtweet]Some examples of how a Technical Proposal shall look like are shown below, you can use it as inspiration for your winning proposals[/clickandtweet]:

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[clickandtweet]Detailed description of key stakeholders[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Description of the existing results in the project domain[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Summary description of the scope of work[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Summary RATIONALE section[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Summary Toolbox section[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample summary Risks table[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample detailed Risks & Assumptions[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample timetable of work[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample Log Frame matrix[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample detailed project WBS[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample summary project WBS[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Samples task workflow[/clickandtweet]

[clickandtweet]Sample task summary[/clickandtweet]

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